Monday, October 31, 2016


It's October 31st and my Halloween baby is 25 today so I baked him a cake...

Long gone are those hectic Halloweens of simultaneously trying to get supper on the table for visiting in-laws, making sure homework was done, getting costumes on and face make-up done and doing my best to make sure that in the midst of all that we were having some sort of small celebration so that Chris would feel special and wouldn't feel like somehow his birthday was getting lost in all the chaos. My concern over it was for nothing - years later he said that Halloween was the best day of the year for him.

Now things are different. A simple cake for Chris to mark the day. And the focus of kids has shifted to the kids on Richard's school bus so we prepare treat bags to give to them...

... so that they feel special.

Happy Halloween! 

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Happy Birthday to Chris! I can't imagine how crazy those days must have been. Awesome treat bags for the bus kids. They must have loved them.

  2. How kind that you make up treat bags for the bus kids. Halloween has never been a favourite for me, but I bet your son liked it because you always made him feel so special. I hope he did have a great birthday.


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