Thursday, October 20, 2016

And Three Years Later...

I'm back. Because Jen and I have been scrapping lately and she tells me that I really need to put my pages on my blog again. So here's the latest...

So the story is that sometimes Jen and I like to be totally annoying to Robert to try to get a reaction out of him - which he never gives us - except for eventually making an "L" with his finger and thumb on his forehead to signify what losers we are (in his opinion only, because as part of the page above states, Jen and I are actually super cool).  ;-)  In this instance we were riding the carousel at Fort Edmonton Park and every time we passed by Robert we pretended to be screaming in fear. About the fourth time around he finally indicated we were losers and ignored us. That was it. No other reaction, not even a smile - but Jen and I sure had a good laugh.

The sketch I used is from one of Christine Davidson's Creating with Sketches books.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Yay you are back! Well it's about time! ;) Happy to see your creations up again. I totally love everything about this amazing page!

  2. Jen has given you some good advice. Nice page & I like your use of multi patterns together. Funny fun photo.

  3. Great page, Susan. LOVE the story behind the page. The picture, seeing you trying to get a rise out of Rob, it all cracks me up. You two are too funny! :-D

  4. Hi, Susan! I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Teri from Grande Prairie, and my blog was (is) called Pursuit of Scrappyness. I just decided to come back to blogging...and how funny to discover that you did, too! What a coincidence! I miss seeing all the projects people are working on and joining up with challenges and link parties, so I'm going to start posting again. I'm glad that you are too! I just love this page! The whole laughing-at-ourselves tone is fantastic, and the paper piecing at the bottom looks awesome! :)

    1. Yes, I absolutely remember you, Teri! My husband even remembered you - he said, "Isn't she the girl who threw the glass of water into the air on a freezing cold day to see it vaporize?" Welcome back! I'm looking forward to reading your blog again. :-)


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