Saturday, September 14, 2013

One Photo & Twenty Words

A beautiful piece of  moss.  So soft and green.  There's an island in the palm of my hand.  Amazing nature!

I found this piece of moss in my backyard and was somehow awed by how it looked like a little island.  I took a photo so I can do a scrapbook page of it.  Sometimes it's the seemingly insignificant things in life that have the biggest effect on us.  Twenty words really wasn't enough to say what I wanted to.  This was hard! And I think I've just cheated by adding all of this! LOL

Thank you to Sian of From High in the Sky, who got the inspiration from Abi of Creating Paper Dreams, which in turn inspired me to give this interesting idea a try.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. An amazing photo and what an interesting find. Nature continues to awe us in every way. Great how you tried out this fun idea that Sian did. I think I am too chatty and would never accomplish it. ;)

  2. What a lovely picture: it looks like a miniature garden and I love anything miniaturised :)

  3. Thank you for finding my blog Susan! I love what you have captured and written here. Your words were definitely enough. so magical!


Thanks! I appreciate your comments.