Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Friends at the Feeder...

We've had some new visitors to our backyard feeder.  We looked out the window this evening and saw this:

She lives in the complex just behind us and had brought a friend with her too - a beautiful white cat who was perched in the tree beside the feeder, but by the time I'd grabbed my camera she'd hopped down to come over and visit with me.

These are two of the friendliest cats I've ever met and I do enjoy when they come around.  I only hope that the birds are smart enough to keep their distance or fast enough to make a getaway if they need to.

Earlier this evening we heard a commotion and looked out to see two crows screeching and continually swooping down around the pine tree just behind our property.  We couldn't figure out what was going on until we looked up into the tree and saw the tabby cat sitting on a branch.  I don't even want to think about what might have happened there.

Seems there's lots of bird action around our place but unlike Jen, who gets lovely nesting swallows, all of my bird stories revolve around some sort of battle and survival of the fittest.  I wouldn't think of describing to you what happened the afternoon that a tiny sparrow met up with a magpie, except to say that the sparrow came out on the losing end.  That's nature at work I suppose but these incidents leave me feeling sad.

Here's hoping that the next time I have a bird story to tell it's a happy one...

Until next time...
Susan :-)

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  1. Oh that first photo makes me laugh. Talk about being caught in the act. They are both such little cuties but I sure hope they don't eat the birds. Yes, your yard always has scary nature things going on. :(


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