Friday, March 22, 2013

Stitching - CSI Case No. 63

There was another fun challenge on CSI this past week which I enthusiastically tackled once again.  One of the journaling prompts was to document a hobby.  As luck would have it, Jen had taken a photo of me a while back during one of our days of cross-stitching and she gave it to me so I could use it for my page.

Finally I had the perfect opportunity to use a sheet of paper which I have been saving from Crate Paper's Farmhouse line.  I love this brown sheet with its cross-stitch pattern and I couldn't resist doing some actual cross-stitch in the corners following the printed design.

I used this sketch by Jenny Evans:

The project that I was working on when the photo was taken has been completed but it still needs to be framed.  The upside of doing cross-stitch is that the supplies are very inexpensive.  The downside is that it costs a small fortune to have the finished work framed nicely.  Maybe one day...

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. This is so pretty!!! I love it!! Such a pretty color palette. I have yet to work on any of my stitchery and finish up a few of them. Need to do that. Have you tried Michael's to have your projects framed?? They usually have really good coupons down here for it. Still a little expensive, but much better with the coupon. I have brought all of mine there.

  2. A terrific LO! Love how you stitched in the corners. So perfect. I like how you used that circular paperclip too.

  3. So pretty! Framing is expensive, you're right..sometimes I've wondered whether I should learn how to do it myself. But it sounds a bit mathematical for me lol


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