Saturday, July 14, 2012


A funny thing happened recently.  I picked up two new followers on my blog.  It had been a long, long time since I'd had a new follower and I thought to myself, "Oh you poor things - signing on to see what I'm up to and there's absolutely nothing going on with this blog lately!" 

Because I've discovered that for whatever reason, when I'm not thinking about having to get a decent photo of my projects or what I'm going to write, I actually accomplish a lot more scrapbooking.  I've recently completed 11 layouts and I'm making good headway on finishing up my vacation album from the trip I took to Alberta in July of 2010 before we moved here.

So, for the moment I think I'll take a break from blogging and just focus on having fun scrapbooking and I'll make a decision at some point on whether I want to have a blog at all.  I started this blog with a post titled "To Blog or Not to Blog" and maybe for me the answer is "not to".  We'll see...

I'll leave you for now with this lovely photo that I scrapped recently taken in a wooded area where we lived back in Quebec.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer!

Until next time...
Susan :-)