Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

We have snow here in Edmonton and lots of it!  We woke up to a snowy day and it's still coming down - a wet, heavy snow perfect for snowmen and snowballs if you happen to be a kid or one of those happy-go-lucky grown-up people.  So with my backyard looking like this right now...

...I thought it would be the perfect time to show you this summery layout that I finished a while back.  I used a sketch from Kristine Davidson's amazing sketch eBook.

What a difference a few months makes but that's part of why Canada is such a great place to live - four unique seasons, each to be experienced and embraced for what it is and what it has to offer.  Let it snow!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. It is a pretty photo. Though I am kind of dreading it heading here. The older I get, the less I like the super cold weather. But, winter can be pretty and picturesque.

    I love your page!! I love the confetti sprinkles.

  2. Showed my hubby your pretty snowy photo... he is exciting because it will be heading this way... LOL

  3. What a difference for sure! Love this summery LO. Yes, we have to enjoy each season for it's distinctive features. At least it was warm out today, but so much snow! Maggie fell off the end of the deck and had to be rescued from the deep snow by Rob. hee hee

  4. Oh, wow! Snow - it certainly looks very pretty. And so does your page - I love the contrast between the two

  5. Ann November 8,2012

    Great you are back now since July! It sure does look like paradise especially now that you have snow. I love your LO and I have a great photo to do same. I only hope that it will not be "A BIG SNOW STORM WHEN WE MOVE IN JANUARY"!

  6. OH hi Susan ... I wish Paradise weather would return. Ugh tired of shovelling already. Welcome back to the bloggy world. DBnL


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