Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's Outside My Window...

It's springtime so one might think I've got spring blossoms and chirping birds outside my window this morning.  No.  We've got SNOW!  And lots of it...

It's a perfect day to stay inside and luckily I have nowhere that I need to be today.  Scrapping is the word of the day for me.  I've been steadily working through layouts for my Project 365 albums and have several weeks' worth that I need to blog about soon.

Hope the weather's nice in your corner of the world!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Wow! Very pretty, but just a little bit weird. There's a girl here who really fancies some snow though - I've just showed her the picture!

  2. And a Happy Springtime to you too!! Ho Ho Ho Your backyard looks very pretty.

  3. Yep, we've had eight inches of the blooming stuff - hope the indoor work went well!

  4. Nothing say "springtime" more than a good dumping of snow in April or May. Welcome to the Alberta Advantage . LOL..
    However it is very picturesque.

  5. I'm so glad it's melted! :)


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