Friday, February 10, 2012

Just One Sketch - Assignment #5

I'm back again today with my latest assignment from Miss Smith's "Just One Sketch" class.  The challenge this time - to invert our colours.  In other words, instead of reaching for those same colours which are our favourites and which we're always drawn to, try to use what we wouldn't normally choose. 

As I tend to go for pale backgrounds and muted paper tones, I figured that using black cardstock and primary colours would certainly qualify as being the opposite of that.  I had been wanting to try a black background anyway, since I'd seen it done in Shimelle's "Pretty Paper Party" class so this was the perfect opportunity.  But what photo to use?  I automatically associate nighttime with the colour black so felt that I needed a picture that somehow related to night.  As luck would have it, I took a photo at Christmas that fit the bill perfectly.

Perhaps a little bit of a story introduction is needed before showing you the finished page.  Neither of Jen's daughters is ever very enthusiastic about having their photo taken, but Diane in particular will do whatever she can to hide herself when she sees a camera come out.  After having Christmas dinner at Jen's, we were all sitting in the living room talking.  I realized that nobody had taken any photos throughout the day so decided to grab my camera and snap a few candid shots before the evening was over.

As soon as I pointed the camera in Diane's direction, she grabbed the throw blanket which her parents had given her as a gift, and put it over her head.  I laughed and continued to take photos of everyone else.  Days later when I was reviewing the photos on my computer I noticed that in the darkness of the windows you could clearly see my reflection snapping a shot and beside me was the ghostly white figure of Diane!  I found it so amusing that it made me laugh out loud.  I had hoped that it would show up more clearly in the printed photo but you have to really know where to look to see her, hence the yellow arrow on my page.  It still makes me chuckle when I look at the photo and I'm happy to have been able to capture the story so I'll remember it.

Below you can see the reflection of myself and the "ghost".  Such a funny girl, she is!

I have to thank Jen for the scraps of MME's On The Bright Side which she gave me this past week.  They were just what I needed for this layout.  I swear I could create pages my entire lifetime with the leftovers she tosses my way! ;-)

This time around I decided to use a mirror image of the original Creative Scrappers sketch that I chose for the class.  I also changed the position of the title, moving it to the top of the page, as I wanted it to be an introduction to the photo.

Miss Smith's class has been so inspiring to me.  This layout is totally different from what I normally do - the black background, bright primary colours, journaling in white - but it's proof that we can create something that's not our usual style, and still love it, all the while expanding our scrapbooking horizons.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. awesome memory to have forever....Love your combo of papers and embellies here too!

  2. Hee Hee A scary ghost she is!! Love this funny picture! The LO is terrific! I love the black background with the white journaling and splatters! That Bright paper was perfect for this!! Glad those scraps came in handy! Probably a palette that you normally would not have been drawn to. It is neat to see that this sketch looks so different in every take!

  3. The page is fabulous!!! A big change from your regular color choices, but it is awesome, especially with that photo. That photo is too funny as well as the story!! PERFECT title!! :) I can completely relate... BOTH of my girls hide from the camera!

  4. That is a beautiful page and a great story :)

  5. What a great story! and I'm loving how you have stepped out of your comfort zone and produced such an amazing page. That's very inspiring

  6. What a super page! You tell the story so entertainingly too ... The colours look so sharp against the black. Delighted to fund you through the Pinterest board.

  7. What a funny story, Susan! That's such a fun memory to capture in a LO. How did you do your cool little paint splashes?

  8. Love that story - and your page is beautiful, I absolutely love it :) - I also like that arrow with the brads (?) on as it remind me of lit up signs at night!


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