Friday, January 27, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different...

...a blog post related to scrapbooking!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I signed up for Miss Smith's "Just One Sketch" class which began a couple of weeks ago.  I absolutely love her style and thought this might be a good way to jumpstart my scrapping which seems to have fallen to the wayside since I picked up my knitting needles earlier this fall.  I tend to have a hard time keeping up with the prompts and "assignments" (I swear I was not like this in real school!) and I have finally just managed to complete my first layout.

The sketch which I chose to use throughout the class is from Creative Scrappers.  I love all the white space which leaves lots of room for journaling or paint splattering.  I liked that it includes a circle element which I can choose to include, or not, as I see fit.  And I'm always a big fan of those tiny embellishment clusters you find at the tops of pages.

My layout has actually been 99% finished for the past week.  That's about how long it took me to get brave enough to splatter some paint!  Paint splattering is so random by nature that it seems to stop me in my tracks every time.  You never know how it will look until it's done and by then, if you don't like it, it's too late to make it different.  For this reason there always seems to be a long lead-up time to when the paint leaves the brush and hits paper.  But this morning I finally got it done.  It's very subtle, but I like it and think it adds a bit more interest to the page. 

The other element of this layout that I am very excited about is my faux washi tape.  I love the look of washi tape but it's a bit pricey.  I found an online tutorial on how to create the look of washi tape using paper first aid tape.  I borrowed some chalks from Jen and used a Q-tip to apply a bit of colour to the tape.  Then I stamped the zigzags with grey ink.  Instant washi tape to co-ordinate with my page!  It's slightly more transparent than the authentic stuff and only time will tell how well it stays adhered to the page, but for now I think it's a pretty cool way to have the washi tape effect without spending much money.  

And just in case anyone is wondering what knitting I've been doing - more hats for charity - all of them knit from leftovers and scraps of yarn.  It's fun to come up with various colour combinations to create something truly unique.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Ann

    So happy that you are back Susan, as I love to follow you with all that you accomplish. I love the brightness of your Lo and all those hats for charity.


  2. I think your page turned out great! Splatters and all. :) Love all the knitted hats too. You have been a busy lady!

  3. A great LO, Susan! The splatters are terrific! I need to get brave!! The washi tape turned out great too! I really like the sketch you chose for this class and am excited to see all that you do with it. Loving these hats! I am excited to try out this pattern. The designs wonderful!

  4. WOW Susan those hats are WOW great job. Your layout of the socks is colourful. WOW Great job. (dbnl)

  5. this is fabulous Susan I really like that subtle misting you have got going on...

  6. Beautiful layout Susan, love the splatter. It's suttle yet adds character.
    Neat hats, love the way they came out. Thanks for making my black hat, fits perfecly. YDH

  7. Well done for being brave with the splatter - I think it works really well! The faux washi tape looks great too - I keep meaning to try this :)

  8. I'm not a great splatterer either, so very well done for having a go though!
    Love your faux washi tape - very effective - and really compliments your lovely page.
    Fab knitting too - the hats look so cute on that shelf together!

  9. Totally cute - love your cluster there. You are so multi-talented!!

  10. Oh wow - I didn't realize all of those LOs are from the SAME sketch! That's awesome! And how cool to see how different they all turn out! :)


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