Monday, December 19, 2011

O Christmas Tree...

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Christmas.  I struggle with it.  I'm not religious in the bible/Jesus sort of way so there's nothing for me to celebrate as far as that's concerned, which usually leaves me to wonder what it is I'm supposed to be celebrating.  I can certainly see the people that I want to see any time of year - I don't need Christmas for a get-together.  And I can certainly give gifts to people throughout the year if that's what I choose to do so I don't need the insanity of the Christmas shopping season for that either. 

Christmas was easier when my kids were little and got caught up in the excitement of the season but they're grown now and slightly less than enthusiastic about the whole thing themselves.  I noticed this year that Christmas merchandise showed up in the stores about the same time that the Halloween stuff did.  That's early!  It's hard to maintain excitement for an occasion when we're bombarded with it months in advance.  I'm tired of the advertisements telling me that a brand new car or an 80" TV are what my family really wants for Christmas.  Or my personal favourite - the jewellery store which is suggesting that the perfect stocking stuffer is a diamond ring.  How ridiculous is that?  Stocking stuffers should be candy canes, chocolate bars, a bottle of bubble bath.

Last year, because we had just moved to Alberta and into our new place on December 17th, I got away with not putting up the Christmas tree.  This year there was only one thing that encouraged me to get that chore done and that's the fact that Jen wanted to see it.  Throughout our adult lives, until last year, we had never been together at Christmas so she hadn't seen my tree.  Richard and I dragged everything out of storage over a week ago and finally finished decorating this past Saturday morning since Jen and Rob were coming over for supper that night.

Now that it's gracing a corner of the livingroom I'm happy to look at the ornaments which have sentimental value to me but you can be sure that come December 26th I'll be taking it all down and putting everything away - and it won't take me a week to get it done!

Until next time...

PS: bah humbug  ;-)


  1. Hee hee Now this is a cheery Christmas post! LOL I share your sentiments on this Christmas thing. What, Christmas isn't a reason to buy new furniture and cars?? It will be fun again one day when there are little ones to enjoy. Until then bah humbug for sure! Your tree is lovely and maybe you will find it in you to keep it up a little longer. Since "the Beast" isn't taking over my living room, this baby is staying up until Jan. 1. I love the soft glow of it in the long dark evenings.

  2. My brother hasn't often had the chance to spend Christmas with us, he is usually thousands of miles away - so I'm celebrating the fact that he gets to see out tree this year too :)

  3. Your tree is lovely, Susan! I totally agree about the over-commercialization. If I got a ring in my stocking I think I'd ask Cliff if he had gone crazy! :)

  4. PS: My tree is still up...feel free to stop by and help me take it down! LOL


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