Thursday, September 1, 2011

Very Cherry

When we bought this townhouse last year we were happy to discover that there were three trees in our backyard.  It's a tiny outdoor space that we have now compared to the huge yard we had back in Quebec, but we love it and feel so fortunate that we ended up with three trees when some of the units have none at all.  It turns out one of these trees is an Evan's Sour Cherry. 

By summer's end we had a tree full of these!  Perfect-looking cherries, red and juicy and bursting with tart flavour.  Too tart for my tastes to eat them just as-is but I figured they could be baked into something delicious.

Apple-cherry crisp...which was good...but at this point in time the cherries were still a bit too tart...

We waited a couple more weeks, then yesterday we picked the tree clean and I made this...

And for a cherry pie lover like me, it was pure heaven.  The cherries had ripened more and were perfectly tart.  The crust was flaky.  HEAVEN! And now I can't wait until this time next year when the tree will be full once again with ripe red fruit!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Oh yummy!! It all looks delicious!! Those raw cherries look so perfect! Yay to being a true pioneer woman!! :)

  2. those cherries look fake. They look like sour cherry candies. Your pie crust looks flaky. Perhaps photoshopped LOL. The cherries look so vibrant in colour. dbnl

  3. Ha ha, very funny dbnl! The cherries really did look like that and that's exactly what they tasted like - sour cherry candies. They were a bit darker once they had fully ripened. I read online that a lot of kids like the taste of them raw because they're so used to the taste of sour candies. And...the pie crust WAS really flaky and I made it from scratch. Really. :-D

  4. Oh Susan, can you save me a piece of that cherry pie?! YUM!!! It is my favorite. My hubby gives me a hard time about being a crappy American. I don't like apple pie and I am not into baseball. LOL I LOVE cherries!!!! I want to go cherry picking. Up in Door County, which is on that little peninsula of Wisconsin, you can go pick cherries in July.

  5. I concur, your pie was delicious, best cherry pie ever! Indeed, the pie crust was VERY flaky. It was a real bonus to have this tree in our backyard. The previous owner used to let a neighbour a few houses down pick the cherries and keep them for her own use. So matthew, being the nice person that he is, picked a basket full of cherries and brought them to the neighbour. YDH

  6. Yum! Wish I was there to help you eat that! LOL


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